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Oriental Rug Cleaning Wellington

In 2011, Jamie Ferrelli, with her 10-year experience in the rug care field, has founded a family owned business – the Oriental Rug Cleaning Wellington. Ever since it started, the company has been providing customers with unparalleled rug care services ranging from rug cleaning to rug restoration. Jamie said that her father inspired her to build the business.

As a true business owner, Jamie aims not only to provide quality and excellent service to every customer, but also to connect with them. This is why Jamie always takes to converse with customers who come in to visit the facility. She shares with them her know-how in rug care. She is also maintaining a blog where she shares helpful and insightful information about taking care of rugs and carpets. She wants to be able to reach every rug owner out there and educate them on how to properly take care of their floor ornaments.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Wellington

Oriental Rug Cleaning

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