Dry Cleaning Rugs

Discover How Dry Cleaning Rugs in Wellington Work

There are a lot of ways to clean and wash your carpets or rugs. This is probably why people sometimes are having a hard time choosing what method to use since many rug cleaning companies are offering them different options. One of these options is dry cleaning. As the name suggests, Dry rug cleaning in Wellington is a process of cleaning your floor pieces with minimal to no moisture.

When we think about cleaning carpets and rugs, the first thing that comes to our mind is the regular cleaning method which utilizes water and liquid detergents. However, since the advent of dry cleaning, rug owners have the option to let their rugs get cleaned without having to wet them.

The Method of Dry Cleaning Rugs in Wellington

This type of rug cleaning process is done through the use of a special biodegradable powder which is applied to the carpet using a motorized or an electric rotary brush. The powder is evenly spread throughout the rug or carpet making sure that every area is covered. The powder will then be left there for some time so that it can absorb the dust, dirt, smell and stains in the rugs. After this, the special powder, together with all the dust and dirt that have been stuck on it, is then removed from the carpet through the use of a vacuum cleaner. After making sure that all the powder is vacuumed out, your rug is now clean and fresh.

Dry Cleaning Rugs Wellington

The dry cleaning process has its advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss briefly below.

The Advantages

One of the major advantages of dry cleaning is the fact that no water is used in the cleaning process so it’s basically much easier to perform. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours drying your carpet off – that’s a lot of time saved there! In fact, you can dry clean your rugs in the morning and then use it again in the afternoon! It’s that fast.

Another advantage is that the chemicals used in dry cleaning are eco-friendly (as mentioned, they are biodegradable). So there’s no harming the environment when you do this method.

The Disadvantages

One of the major concerns of rug owners when it comes to dry cleaning rugs and carpets is the price involved. Dry cleaning is much expensive than regular rug cleaning or shampooing. If you want to dry clean rugs at home, then you have to buy the special powder yourself and rent or buy a motorized rotary brush so that you can thoroughly apply the cleaning powder within the fibers of the rugs.

One more thing, the cleaning may not be sufficient, unlike doing the 5- step method, which includes dusting, washing, soft water rinse, drying and fringe cleaning.

Now that you know the major advantages and disadvantages of dry rug cleaning in Wellington, you should be able to decide whether it’s the best option for you. If you’re not sure, then maybe it’s best to consult a professional cleaner or a reliable rug cleaning service.

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