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Hand Washing Rug Wellington: The Best Way to Clean Rugs

To ensure your Oriental area rugs look great and gorgeous for years to come, regular cleaning and maintenance is a must. Most rug specialists may agree that the best and most effective method of handling an Oriental area rug is by doing Hand Washing Rug in Wellington without using any harsh chemicals.

Rug hand washing is considered the most appropriate and simplest method of cleaning that has been used by experts for centuries. This can be time consuming, of course, but it certainly works and well worth your time and effort.

Washing your precious area rugs by professionals offers you the best assurance if you want longevity and protection. Apparently, the accumulation of soil, dirt, dust and other elements over time can hasten the wear and tear on the rugs and damage the fibers, which can again become attractive to molds and moth larvae.

When picking the right professionals offering to handle the job, there are important questions that you need to ask. These can help you make sure that your rug will get the best care there is.

How long have you been offering cleaning fine rugs?

The rule of thumb here is to choose an Oriental rug cleaning company with many years of experience in the business, providing service in cleaning Oriental, Persian and other precious rugs. Get the right professional who combines effective cleaning methods, the best tools and science in handling and cleaning rugs to get the best results.

How extensive is your experience in hand washing rugs?

They should have a staff of cleaning professionals with at least 3 years of experience in area rug cleaning.

Do you have a certification or specialized training for your rug cleaning staff?

Certified rug cleaning professionals have completed a rigorous training program and practice.

Hand Washing Rug Wellington

These people are trained in specific techniques and methods applicable for different situations and types of rug that are based on materials such as wool, silk, or sisal.

They should also know about the different designs such as the Oriental, Modern and Traditional, as well as the countries of origin like Persia, India, and China. Whether machine made or handmade, having proper certification can be costly that shows the seriousness and professional level of the company offering such services.

Is the company insured?

Fine rugs have monetary and sentimental value. As homeowners, you want to be sure that your rugs are protected in case they are stolen or damaged.

What is included in the services?

You have to learn what is included in the services you pay for. Typically, the services include inspection, dusting, grooming, thorough cleaning, and drying. Other companies offer additional services such as fabric protector, moth repellent, custom rug pad installation, restoration and rug repair.

If you are satisfied with the answers you get, it is time to make the final decision and schedule an appointment for rug hand washing in Wellington. You can also avail other services offered such as odor removal, pet stain removal, Oriental rug cleaning and Persian Rug washing, among others.

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