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The Answer to Your Pet Stains: Oriental Carpet Cleaning in Wellington

Any pet owner would agree that the pleasure of owning a pet, which brings happiness in your home, can be priceless. But cleaning and maintaining the household with these lovely pets can be a burden. The mess they leave in the house can be a hassle to clean up after, not to mention the hours of going on your knees to scrub the carpets or rugs that they have permanently marked their territory on. And sometimes it’s not just urine or feces; dogs can vomit all over the new carpet you just bought a few weeks ago and your heart breaks when you look at what is left of it. Oriental Carpet Cleaning in Wellington would be a good option to clean out the nasty pet stains.

Love Hate Relationship

Pets or dogs most especially, have a sort of love hate relationship with the rugs or carpets you have back at home. Dogs love sleeping on them, peeing on them, and scratching on them. And even if you have bought the, what looks like to be, the best detergent for you, the stain and smell is inevitable and you will always remember that day when you yelled, “Bad Dog!”

Oriental Carpet Cleaning Wellington

Busting Out the Stains!

If you have just recently bought yourself an Oriental carpet or rug, you should probably boast about its key features like the design, the color, and its exquisite nature that made you want to have it even if it was not on sale. But owning a new rug can be dangerous if you have pets lying around the house. If you are a pet owner, you might find your little ones ruining your new floor fabric with their dirty little paws and smelly outputs (If you know what we mean). When this happens, do not fret about it because pet stains should not be a problem. If you are unsure on how to get rid of the stains or you are just too busy to clean it yourself, you can look for Oriental rug cleaners to do the tedious work for you.

Happy Customer

The quality of work done by professionals will let you trust in the cleaning industry. Some people will find it so hard to let others do the cleaning for them. But after they do their services, you will wonder why you were so worried in the first place. Some of Oriental Rug Cleaning Wellington professionals, after years of experience, will master their craft, which will reflect on the quality service they render to their customers.

How it’s done

The rugs go through a process to ensure that they will be good as new – clean and disinfected. They start off with taking out dusts or hairs or small particles that are evident on the rugs. This is called the dusting stage. After that, they manually wash them with their hands using an antibacterial bath that ensures the destruction of the nasty germs and bacteria that are “enjoying” their new home. After the washing process, the rugs are thoroughly rinsed with pressurized soft water. Your rug then has a sleepover in a warm room where it is left to dry. After finally checking them for any damages, they are handed back to you looking good as new! Choosing a good Oriental Carpet Cleaning in Wellington is a great option for you and your family.

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