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Oriental Rug Cleaning Wellington is one of the best companies you can rely on when it comes to maintaining your precious floor pieces. We guarantee you that we offer the best Oriental rug cleaning, Oriental carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning and wool rug cleaning services in your location.

If you have pets, we also have effective odor removal and pet stain removal techniques. You no longer have to worry about nasty smell or stubborn stains. Our several years in the business have gained us the trust of our customers, not only here in Wellington, but in other areas as well.

As we don’t really implement dry cleaning rugs, we use the world-famous Auserehlian cleaning system. This system ensures you to have your rugs back looking clean and smelling fresh than ever. Prior to hand washing rug, we first inspect your floor piece for any sign of damages. Inspection is necessary for our customers to know if their floor pieces need extra services such as rug weaving, rug repair, or rug restoration. After inspecting, the rug is then dusted and undergoes a pre-treatment procedure for stains. The rugs and carpets are then hand washed gently to get rid of deep-seated stains, dust, and dirt. Washing rugs manually prevents damages and tangles on your precious floor pieces compared to using machines. All sorts of bugs and mites that cling to your rug’s fibers are also brushed off.

We only use the mildest cleaning products to prevent color changes and damages on the floor pieces. After hand washing, the rugs and carpets are then rinsed repeatedly to remove any residues of the cleaning products. After all the soap suds are removed, the rugs are dried using rollers and are hung for air drying.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning in Wellington does not only limit its services to cleaning and restoration of Oriental rugs. The company can also maintain, repair, and wash Persian rugs. We offer impeccable Persian rug cleaning, Persian carpet cleaning and Persian rug washing services. Moreover, rug owners do not have to fret about fading fabric colors, because we can also bring back your rug’s vibrant shades through our textile restoration services.

Furthermore, Oriental Rug Cleaning in Wellington can also help you with your soaked rugs and carpets. Cleaning and drying a rug is difficult especially if it was soaked in dirty flood water. Simply washing and drying them yourself does not remove all the disease-causing microbes found in them. Your own DIY methods of cleaning and drying simply will not work on flooded carpets and rugs. Good thing, you no longer have to worry about cleaning and drying your flooded rugs and carpets. Our company can do water extraction and water removal for you. These services could save you the hassle of cleaning, sanitizing and drying your flooded floor pieces.

Precious floor pieces such as Oriental rugs and Persian carpets should be handled and cleaned only by experts. They are also fragile and valuable to be handled by unskilled weavers. So if you want to give the best care for your valuable floor pieces, contact us right away.

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