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Persian Rug Cleaning in Wellington: Maintaining Your Persian Rugs

Persian rugs don’t come cheap. Persian rug owners pride themselves with the fact that they were able to buy an expensive accessory to decorate their homes with. But these Persian rugs can easily lose their value once they have been messed with your children’s dirty shoes or your dog’s dump. Maintaining your Persian rugs is a great key to also maintaining a good, clean home. Look for a good Persian Rug Cleaning in Wellington near your area to help you on this.

Only the best care should be given to your Persian rugs and hired professionals not only know the best techniques to use to handle them. They are also aware of the important steps or processes to use on these items to ensure a great and well maintained Persian rug. An expert would tell you that there are five steps to cleaning:

Another One Bites The Dust

The very first step to the cleaning process is dusting. This step ensures that you get all the dirt or tiny dust particles that have settled well within the fibers of your rugs. Trying to get as much dust out before the second step is the goal to make sure a lot is done even in just the first step.

Persian Rug Cleaning Wellington

Rub A Dub Dub

A true Persian carpet cleaning expert will tell you that the best way to wash Persian rugs and carpets is by manual hand washing. Scrubbing your Persian rugs may ruin the quality later on after cleaning it so many times but manual hand washing will let your rugs stay in good shape for a long time!

Soft What?

Oriental rug cleaning experts use soft water for rinsing because this kind of water lathers with soap easily. Hard water can lessen the effectiveness of certain cleaning agents so more often than not, cleaners use soft water for the rinsing process.

Rinsing the soap off is important because if you do not do this step properly, you are left with white flakes that will stick in your beautiful rugs.


After ensuring that the excess water has been taken out, your Persian rugs are ready for the second to the last step: the drying process. All Persian rugs or carpets are placed in a warm room which is temperature controlled. Usually, the cleaners’ in-house facility caters to a big number of rugs or carpets but they still ensure that there is proper spacing. This also ensures that each rug will have a thorough drying process to get out all the moisture and to give customers a completely dry and clean rug the very next day.

Sending Off

After final checking on the state of the Persian rugs, the professional cleaners are all set and ready to present to their customers the work they have done for you. You get your money’s worth if you hire professionals who completely understand the five-step process.

Vacuuming, dusting and cleaning DIY-style can be done regularly but maintaining your Persian rugs can be hard on your own so it is best to find yourself a good and reliable Persian Rug Cleaning in Wellington.

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