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Persian Rug Washing Wellington Company: Do You Want To Find A Rug Man?

Most mothers in the world can definitely relate to this scenario. Every single day, kids would lie on your oriental rug and just watch the “telly” (TV) or YouTube all day long. This would not be a problem at all if they just knew how to clean up after by themselves. After a day of bumming around, you won’t be surprised to find new stains on your rug and every woman knows how tiring it can be to clean up. Most mothers don’t waste any time though; as soon as they notice a new stain, they immediately whip out their cleaning gloves, get on the floor and scrub that stain right out. But you may be surprised to know how detrimental this process can be to your precious rugs. “Scrubbing your rugs or carpets is a big no-no!” as most experts would say. Apparently, hand washing is the way to go because it keeps your rugs or carpets’ quality in check and it avoids ruining their fibers or color. Some cleaning detergents have nasty chemicals that can chip away strands or fade away the colours of your Persian rugs. To erase your worries, you can consult a nearby Persian Rug Washing Company and seek expert advice on this matter.

Persian Rug Washing Wellington

If you are looking to hire Oriental rug cleaning professionals to clean your rugs or carpets for you, always make sure that the following things apply to them:

Are They Legit?

Check the company’s license or website to ensure that they are a true company and check the quality of their work based on the comments their customers have left on their site. This will help you know what to expect.

How Old Are You?

Check on how long the company has been working. If they have worked long enough to present to you piles and piles of portfolios, then you know that these guys really know what they are doing. 

The older, the better! The level of expertise that old timers in this business are, no question, is greater than the newbies who claim to be “The Best!”

Stalker Alert

Further assess on the company’s status. Check more on their portfolios, really go through their website, check the truancy or credibility of their work and license. It is also good if you know a couple of people who have tried their services so you can ask for their own feedback. It is always essential to know what you’re getting yourself into and your Persian rugs are no laughing matter; these exquisite items deserve nothing but the best!


Check for the rates and compare with other cleaning companies. Some Persian carpet cleaning companies will trick you into thinking that they have low rates when in fact they have hidden charges up their sleeves. Always clarify and make sure you know the exact amount they are charging you for. Be a smart customer!

There are so many things to consider when you are looking to hire a Persian Rug Washing Company. It is important that you set your own standards to make sure you know exactly what you are looking for and you get the best quality of service.

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