Pet Stain Removal

Pet Stain Removal in Wellington

Yes, pets can be the most adorable creatures you’ll ever meet! And they surely can give you plenty of happiness. But as they give you delight, they could also give you the same amount of stress especially when they start to create a mess on your favorite rug. Indeed, rugs and carpets are the easiest victims from accidental messes brought about by pets. Pets are pretty much attracted to rugs because they resemble the grass in the garden. Staying on the rugs gives them that same feeling when they do it on the grass. And aside from playing with it, they also tend to urinate on the rugs at one point or another. This makes your rugs damp and stinky. Urine stains can also leave marks on your rug. These stains can be a ground for the growth of germs, molds, mites, bacteria, and can also be a breeding ground for insects. This does not only ruin the rug but it also affects the health of the family members. Aside from the health hazards it can bring, the growth of bacteria produces a stinky odor to the rug. This makes pet stain removal in Wellington quite challenging.

What’s the Best Way to Eliminate Pet Stains?

Most of us would basically want to remove pet stains on our own. As much as possible, you just don’t want to bother others or spend much money in doing so. If you decide to do it on your own, you have to be aware of the proper pet stain removal process. However, this kind of job requires a lot of effort, time and of course, energy. So it is always better to call the professionals and let them handle this kind of problem.

A professional pet stain removal company specializes in getting rid of both the odor and the stains on your rug. Having your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned and washed may be the best thing you can ever do for these precious items. But before you hire a professional cleaner, make sure to check if they have the right tools and experience in handling the removal of urine and pet stains.

Pet Stain Removal Wellington

There are a lot of companies who create products suitable for dissolving urine and pet stains. Rugs that have been urinated by pets certainly have that distinct bad smell. This is primarily caused by the bacteria brought about by the urine and this gives that unwanted stink. When the urine on the rug is left uncleaned and untreated, the dye could actually fade because of the high levels of PH in the pet urine. In this case, pet odor removal is really needed.

How Professionals Do It

There are times when the rug has already accumulated heavy urine deposits. This can be very nasty, which is why professionals often use a soaking pit that is filled with water in order to submerge the rug completely. Next thing they do is use strong deodorizing agents and active enzymes, where the rug is soaked for about eight to ten hours. This allows the cleaning agents to get through the fabric, thus eliminating the stains thoroughly. This is basically one of the most effective ways of removing any traces of pet urine stains.

As soon as the urine is removed, the rug undergoes regular washing and cleaning. This is when the rug is carefully scrubbed and rinsed in clean water. This process is done to remove the residues of the chemicals or the cleaning agents used earlier. After this, the rug is then rolled up and placed in a machine known as the centrifuge. This will spin at a high speed in order to dry the rug. This is practically the best technique used in pet stain removal in Wellington.

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