Rug Cleaning Process

Ideal Process of Rug Cleaning in Wellington

Meticulous Process of Rug Cleaning in Wellington

We understand how tedious and challenging it can be to clean oriental rugs. Clean a small area that is stained can take you some hours, especially if it is a stubborn stain. Drying an Oriental rug will take more hours and in some cases even days as you would have to dry it using the sun’s heat. There are some cases that rug owners get really frustrated due to the damage they have caused on their rugs. All of these stresses and frustrations can be avoided if you let a professional handle the correct process of rug cleaning in Wellington. An expert rug cleaning company needs to have years of cleaning experience as well as restoration and repairing of precious oriental rugs. The following are the major rug cleaning steps:

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Rug Cleaning Process Wellington


Dusting is always the first step in the rug cleaning process. To remove loose dirt such as sand and dust on the rug, a special dusting machine is utilized. Since some of the dirt and dust may have settled beneath the Oriental rug fibers, pressurized air is used to either totally remove them or blow them away. Dusting is done prior to washing the rug to avoid the possibility of the water and cleaning solution to turn murky.


Washing the rugs manually is the next step of the cleaning process. Manual washing in this case refers to hand washing. Consequently, machine washing may loosen the threads and fibers of the rugs.

The machine may also cause the rug to shrink. This is the main reason why hand washing is advised when it comes to Oriental rug cleaning. During the hand washing process, a special rug cleaning soap has to be used.

Soft water rinse

The soft water rinse is the next step after washing and dusting your rugs. A pressurized water jet is used to completely rinse off the remaining dirt and soap on your rugs. The rugs are dried only after rinsing has been done thoroughly.


A warm room is used to dry the rugs. The room temperature is controlled in order to ensure the warm air is dried using a continuous flow of warm air. The drying room is within the same compound as the rest of the cleaning facility.

Fringe cleaning

The cleaning of fringes is the next cleaning step. It is important that fringes are sewn together without loose ends because fringes serve as the framework of the rugs. Fringes are first combed to separate them. This process is done manually using hands.

Repair and restoration of rugs

Repair and restoration may be needed for tattered, ripped or damaged rugs. We have master weavers in our company who can fix any kind of damage on you floor pieces. We also possess a huge collection of fabrics and threads of different types and colors so that when we fix your rugs, we only use materials that actually match the original type and color of your rugs.

The meticulous process of rug cleaning in Wellington is done this way.

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