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Safe Rug Restoration Tips in Wellington

When your carpets and rugs get damaged by fire or by flooding, you have to immediately clean and restore them. Persian and Oriental rugs are expensive because they are collectible items. To preserve their value, you need to make sure that you’re giving them the care that is due to them. So when fire and flood damage occurs, have your rugs cleaned and restored by rug restoration Wellington pros.

Here are some Oriental rug repair and textile restoration tips you can consider:

For soaked rugs, the first thing that you need to do is have the water extracted off the rugs as soon as possible. The longer the rugs are soaked in water, the higher is the probability that the dyes will run out. If this happens, you may have a hard time resolving the issue. So to rid you of the headache caused by a discolored rug, get the water off the rug immediately!

Rug Restoration Wellington

When pulling the water off, use a water removal machine – an equipment that functions like a regular vacuum cleaner except it removes water instead of dry dust and dirt. The water removal machine has a wand that you should move with the grains of the rugs to avoid distorting the outer fibers of your floor piece.

If there is a need to move your rugs, remember not to pile them one over another. If one rug has a faded dye, the color may run to the other rugs. What you can do is to roll each rug and then place them inside a plastic bag. This is best when you are about to transport or deliver your rugs for cleaning. Rugs should not be allowed to stay in the plastic for too long as this will allow mold to grow. Another option that you can do is to place dry sheets, fabrics or towels on top of the rugs and have them rolled up individually.

One of the most common mistakes that rug owners do is laying out their rugs under the direct heat of the sun for a couple of hours in an attempt to dry them up. This practice can damage your rugs as direct sunlight can fade out their beautiful colors. The best thing you can do is extract the water first from the rug, then let it dry in front of a fan to help out with the drying process. If you really want to lay them out under the heat of the sun, then what you can do is lay them on a flat surface top upside down.

For rugs having a small wet area, you should not try to rub them in an attempt to dry the rugs. What you can do is blot the wet area with a clean piece of dry sheet or towel. Again, place the rug in front of a fan after blotting.

For rugs that are totally soaked with water, the best option for you is to bring it to a professional rug restoration in Wellington company for proper cleaning, water extraction and restoration.

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