What Our Clients Say About Us

  • “After arriving home after just bing gone for an hour, my eyes were immediately drawnto the blue shaped paw prints all over the floors in my house... leading to the full size area wool rug. I was speechless, silently mourning the loss of my beloved rug. The dog I had just rtescued had found a blue ink pen, as evidenced by her blue paws and chest. Cleaning the dog was the easy part; I held out little hope that the rug could be saved. Until I lucked upon Oriental Wool Cleaning By Hand. Although initially skeptical about their success, they considered it a personal challenge and painstakingly worked on it until there was no evidence of the dog's criminal activity. They were (more than) reasonably priced, provided over-the-top friendly customer service, and gave me back a clean rug and an opportunity to forgive my dog! If only more businesses were this great...”

    Ellyn Fabricant
    in Plantation
  • “My favorite oriental rug has been with me for many years. I have purchased it before I moved into my first home. I know the exquisite rug needs maintenance, but I live such a busy lifestyle. I'm always traveling and when I'm home, I barely stay inside the house. Due to my neglect, my once beautiful rug became almost unrecognizable because it was soiled and stained. I assumed it was beyond saving, and the thought of throwing it away broke my heart. Thankfully, I learned about Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand and decided to give their services a try. I'm so glad I did! After cleaning, the oriental rug looked like new. I couldn't believe it was the same rug!”

    Edward Alonzo
    Miami, FL
  • “I have tried many oriental rug cleaning services over the years and I was disappointed with most of them. One time, I sent my oriental rug to this company to have it cleaned because of a stubborn stain and the stain was still there when the rug was returned to me. In another situation, I did receive a cleaner version of my oriental rug, but it had become hard and brittle after the company cleaned it. I was about to give up on professional oriental rug cleaning services altogether when I heard about Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand. I finally found a company that got oriental rug cleaning right! With them, my rugs are cleaned but kept in great condition.”

    Catherine Weathersby
    Boca Raton, FL
  • “The oriental rug I have with me is an heirloom; my grandmother gave it to me shortly before she passed away. It is my most prized possession, and I placed it in the living room so I can always be reminded of her. Unfortunately, I had to leave for an emergency, leaving my two dogs alone at home. I was mortified to see the rug stained when I returned. I knew I had to have the oriental rug washed, but I was scared that it might be damaged during cleaning. I chose Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand to do the cleaning, and have never been more happy with my decision. My rug looks so good, even the fringes look new!”

    Kathy Pelton
    Coral Springs, FL
  • “Ever since I discovered Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand, I never looked back. I have several oriental rugs at home because I collect them, and every so often I would have them cleaned by a professional cleaner. In the past, I was constantly frustrated with the cleaning companies I tried. Either the cleaning job was not thorough or the rugs would return damaged to me. Then I found Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand. On the first try, I was already impressed. My oriental rug looked and felt great after cleaning; it didn't seem stiff or brittle at all. I also loved the fact that they never overlooked fringes; they were white and brushed. I highly recommend their services to anyone.”

    Melanie Josephson
    Coral Gables, FL
  • “For years, I have tried almost every oriental rug and carpet cleaning company in the area. Their services made me regret sending my precious oriental rugs to them. While the rugs weren't completely destroyed, they were returned to me in bad shape. Their cleaning techniques have clearly done more harm than good. I found out about Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand from a friend, who assured me about their remarkable cleaning services. I was skeptical at first, but my oriental rugs made me a believer. After my oriental rugs were returned to me, I can see that not only were the rugs properly cleaned, but they were also kept in fine condition. Now I am one of their loyal customers!”

    Rosalia Saltz
    Weston, FL

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